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Savings Bonds
Jean Paul Goole offers a range of fixed interest savings bonds. These bonds are fully covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. However these bonds are only covered up to £85,000 per person or up to £170,000 for joint applicants.
Investors should be aware that these bonds have minimum lock in periods and the interest on these accounts are subject to change. We work with a number of institutions so we are able to source the best rates for clients.
It is important to understand that some banks have different brands but are owned by the same parent organisation. In this instance you are only covered by the parent organisation to a maximum of £85,000 per person. so if you hold large deposits with various institutions you should check to make sure that they are not owed by the same parent company.
If you have any concerns in relation to this, you should contact your relationship manager who will be able to guide you in relation to this matter.