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Private Client Service

Jean Paul Goole values client service. Be believe this is what defines us. We seek to cultivate an environment of process control, accuracy and efficiency. Client Service develops deep partnerships with hedge fund clients and the experienced team, streamlined processes and proprietary technology work in conjunction to ensure operational efficiency and to address specific client needs.

We at Jean Paul Goole take pride in the personal service and innovative solutions we provide to clients in addition to our 24-hour seamless coverage model across all time zones and markets. Our teams are structured according to client needs and include both senior and junior members. Client service representatives are responsible for day-to-day management of accounts and provide coordinated coverage around-the-clock and across the globe. Senior managers oversee Wealth management client relationships and serve as a portal to the resources of Jean Paul Goole. They provide access to professionals who specialize in risk management, international operations and regulatory issues and work with clients on specific issues unique to their businesses.

Our commitment to leading-edge technology greatly assists all facets of the modern hedge fund’s business. From the time we entered the business more than 30 years ago, we have made consistent and significant investments in our technology platform. The result of our efforts — a highly automated trading capability, an exception-based processing system and state-of-the-art tools and applications — allow our client service team to better focus on client needs and goals.

Clearing and Custody Process

Jean Paul Goole´s robust clearing and custody system provides timely, consistent and accurate information on all trades and across multiple product types, including equity, fixed-income, foreign exchange, options, swaps, warrants, futures and other derivatives.

Our system has the ability to integrate the entire trade cycle, thereby preventing the inconsistencies that occur when separate margin, portfolio, clearing and custody and portfolio management systems feed position information to clients. This capability is especially valuable on an international level, in which different market practices, accounting standards and time zones exist.

Jean Paul Goole currently has active clearing arrangements in more than 15 countries, many of which operate with varying technology platforms. We have the ability to pre-match in every international market in which we operate and we are able to report trade discrepancies on pre-settlement and failing items for most product types.

Since we maintain our own global clearing and custody network we can assure maximum control over core processes. In addition, self-clearing operations allow us to pass along cost savings in the largest markets.