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Jean Paul Goole Currency Fund

The main focus of the Jean Paul Goole Currency Fund is to deliver a strong monthly return whilst reducing risk. The strategies used by the fund have been tested over many years of trading, and aim to satisfy the astute investor seeking exceptional results targeting a steady growth of capital. Through a combination of both technical and fundamental analysis the strategies utilised by this account show an aptitude quite superior to what we have seen recently as the norm for trade managers of most collective investment schemes. This account is now accepting new clients on a trial basis, with a relatively low entry level. This is an opportunity we encourage all investors to consider.

Our due diligence procedure on the Jean Paul Goole Currency Fund includes monitoring an account under trade within their managed accounts at the current broker, and checking past records dating back to November 2009. We have concluded that to date, the Jean Paul Goole Currency Fund represents an attractive consideration for investors looking to position funds designated for an aggressive return on capital.

Risk Management

Funds under the Jean Paul Goole Currency Fund are traded according to a strategy that has been developed over a period of about 8 years. The strategy targets high probability, short-term moves in currency pairs demonstrating range-bound conditions. It seeks to isolate relatively non-volatile market conditions and then aim for conservative price movements. The idea is to capture more regular profits while minimising exposure to loss should counter-strategy movements occur. It utilises a focus on multiple time frames and only a handful of currency pairs that have shown optimal performance under prior testing.

Most trades are closed within the trading session in which they are opened – this strategy does not seek to hold positions for long periods or over weekends. Leverage per trade is set to target a result of 3% or more profit per month to investors.

Account Details

  • Profit share/performance fee: 20% monthly, progressively reduced for larger accounts £100,000 and up.
  • Account Minimum: £20,000. (Effective May of 2017)
  • Institutional traders: Technologies designed by German and Austria.


Recent performance in the Jean Paul Goole Currency Fund have been outstanding. Finely tuned from Dec 2010 to November 2011 in its final development, the Jean Paul Goole Currency Fund utilises 3 substrategies combined to spread risk and reduce volatility while improving consistency. Results are NOT based on compounding profits, though most investors leave profits in accounts to compound, which increases returns when profits are made (and also increases risk of loss).

Historical returns is illustrated below. Jean Paul Goole Currency Funds are given a custom price feed not available to self-traders, enabling the strategy to target optimal profits.

Risk Disclosure

Some of the performance represents very high returns, and under no circumstances will requests for use of even higher leverage be considered. New accounts will be available until funds under management cause potential liquidity issues for current account holders, whereupon new accounts will only be offered if current account holders withdraw, to preserve optimal conditions.

*See paragraph above. Results: after broker spread/commission, exclude open trades, unadjusted for performance fee, may vary between accounts, NOT compounded. If profits are reinvested, compounding makes annual return significantly greater..