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Direct Share Investments

Jean Paul Goole delivers on all the major equity markets around the world.

London market

London’s main market, the London Stock Exchange, is probably the World’s best known shares market. It’s where the famous names of British and International commerce are traded. But Jean Paul Goole´s main market expertise goes beyond the City of London. Through us you can deal in all of the major main markets around the globe, exchanges like Tokyo, New York, Paris and Frankfurt (and a range of others).

Complete Coverage

The traditional way of investing (buying and selling equities) lets you participate in the success of quoted public companies of all sizes from global multinationals to local heroes. If the company performs well, and its management is well regarded, then its share price should increase, offering capital growth. Equity prices in larger companies can increase (or decrease) significantly in value but, except for special situations, they tend to do this slowly and steadily. This makes their performance easier to track; the investor doesn’t need to spend all day glued to a stock-market monitor. Apart from capital growth through price increase, some stocks also regularly pay dividends – a share of the company’s profits which can be taken as income, or reinvested automatically in more shares.

Long Term Growth

Equities often outperform other mainstream investments over time, which is why many of our investors regard equities (in conjunction with bonds) as long-term wealth-protection investments. When a stock is in the news though, there are often profits to be made by buying and selling (or selling and buying) short-term, even day trading.

Global Coverage

At Jean Paul Goole we cover every stock listed on the London Stock Exchange, and the most active listings on the major exchanges and courses around the world, like Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, New York, NASDAQ, Toronto, and more. As well as shares, we also advise our clients on buying and selling bonds.

Working With You, Working For You.

There are two ways you can invest through Jean Paul Goole. We can act in an advisory role, suggesting trades that match your criteria, discussing the advantages and disadvantages, and executing your decisions. Alternatively, if you are confident to act without advice, we can simply execute your instructions, whether specific or automatic, like limit orders on stop-loss. Whatever way you want to trade on the main markets, you can be confident that Gartner Wealth will act on your behalf to maximise your gain, or minimise your loss.

Research and Advice

Our specialist researchers monitor public and private information about listed companies, reaching conclusions about whether each is a buy, hold or sell proposition, and whether strong, weak or stable price performance is anticipated. That research is available to all of our clients for the price of a phone call Or free, because if we suspect a trade will be in your interest and matches your investment ambitions, we will call you.

Small Caps

Many companies, especially smaller ones, elect not to trade on the main stock markets, but on specialist small cap markets. In London, this means AIM and OFEX. Small Cap stocks are traded less frequently, but when they move they tend to move substantially. Kinston Funds will follow small cap markets just as closely as main markets, and can advise you and trade for you in almost any listed or unlisted equity.

Small cap investing

Some would say that there’s no better time to buy into a company than on the ground floor – when it first comes to market. Today, most companies float on small cap markets like AIM or OFEX because with their lower funding requirements they are too small to make the radar screen in the main market. This presents the first investment opportunity for the private investor, because the launch price is pitched to be attractive, and post-launch prices can be a profitable selling opportunity.

Stock Picking Counts

Small cap investing is a question of picking stocks carefully, and holding them patiently in anticipation of corporate events which will move prices in your favour. At SFM Funds, we keep a careful eye on all the businesses trading on both AIM and OFEX, looking for upcoming news that is likely to bounce the stock’s price in the direction you want.

Not Too Taxing

One thing to bear in mind – investing in small cap companies can bring considerable tax benefits, depending on your own situation. We’d suggest you ask your tax consultant or accountant how you’d be affected. If you do discuss this with your tax advisor, the following factors should enter into your discussions as they might make small caps attractive to you.

  • Enterprise Investment Scheme
  • Venture Capital Trusts
  • Inheritance tax
  • Capital gains tax taper relief

Whether you are investing for capital growth, tax efficiency or a mixture of both, at Jean Paul Goole we’re here to assist you in profiting from the international equity markets.